Color Pint

Launched on the 4th of April 2023, Pint is a High supply robust token with a very clear goal to support Offy and act as a reward for its holders but also have the ability to stand on its own feet and be flexible enough to be utilised for many aspects of the business: from being the lifeblood of our in store crypto based rewards and payment system to the token used on our upcoming online games such as pub slots and bingo!

Pint is set up to grow and reward its own holders with 1% of each transaction going to holders in the form of reflections, 3% goes into liquidity making the token more sustainable with every trade, and 0.9% towards the project and growth fund helping us to maintain and grow both the crypto and beer aspects of the business.

At the time of writing this update 16.34% of the total supply of pint has been sent to the burn wallet a wallet that also receives part of the reflections tax ensuring that the supply is always decreasing which helps to increase the tokens value.

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