Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the potential risks of trading cryptocurrencies And associated Web safety. 

Considering the potential for losses, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) views this investment as high risk. Here are the main risks involved:

1. Your investment might not retain its value or you could lose it entirely due to the highly volatile nature of most cryptoassets. The market lacks substantial regulation, exposing you to risks like cyber-attacks, financial crime, and potential firm failures.

2. In case of any issues, you won’t be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), as this type of investment doesn’t fall under their coverage.

3. Selling your investment might not be easy as it’s subject to market demand and operational issues like technology failures or cyber-attacks, leading to delays.

4. Cryptoasset investments tend to be intricate, making it challenging to grasp all associated risks. Conduct thorough research before investing to avoid potential pitfalls.

5. Diversifying your investments across various options is advisable. Don’t invest more than 10% of your funds in high-risk ventures.

For more insights on protecting yourself, explore the FCA’s website [here]. To delve deeper into cryptoassets, visit [this page]

  • Think before you post. Don’t share personal details such as bank details passwords or key phrases or any other information that could help others to gain access to your key information.
  • Watch out for phishing and scams.
  • Think about who you’re talking to.
  • Keep your device secure.
  • Never give out your password.
  • Double-check any links before you click.

Offy is a registered Business in the united kingdom set up to launch a craft ale delivery business powered by Crypto which at this time is not registered with the UK financial conduct Authority as it offers no regulated services (this will change prior to the Launch of our rewards program and other Daaps). We are however bound by the PS23/6 FCA Policy statement regarding Advertising and conduct found [here]. While the information provided within this page are a legal requirement when advertising Cryptoassets to Uk Citizens they are important facts for anyone around the world to consider prior to investment in any crypto project.


Further Reading Policy paper: Factsheet: cryptoassets – legislation Updated 26 October 2023 [Here]

Kaspersky How to use cryptocurrency safely: A guide to cryptocurrency safety[Here]