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OFFY Delivered LTD was founded with the primary objective of facilitating convenient access to premium craft ales while offering substantial benefits. The core goals of OFFY encompass the promotion of local breweries and the preservation of traditional British pubs.

OFFY2 represents a cryptocurrency token operating on the Binance Smart Chain, leveraging Feg’s Smart DeFi. This investment token targets craft ale enthusiasts eager to engage in our dynamic initiatives and potentially establish their own franchise. Additionally, it appeals to conventional crypto investors seeking alternatives to anonymous promotions and the volatility of meme coins and fraudulent schemes.
Pint, our remarkably versatile rewards token, serves not only as part of our loyalty program but also as a pivotal component in various decentralized applications (Dapps)*, including lottery functionalities**, staking rewards*, and advertising collaborations. Pint holds significant value within our project while also demonstrating the capacity to stand independently, making it an appealing investment opportunity in its own right.
 *Our web3 Dapps have been created tested and are fully functional and will go live upon registration with the UK financial conduct authority ** In addition to FCA registration the lottery will require registration with the UK Gambling commission

Two Tokens - One Vision!

Meet The Team

Alexis Hulme


Henry Tokyo


Guy Watts

Head Of UK Sales