Love Beer? I know we do!

Hey everyone, my name is Alexis. I’m married with two young kids: I’m currently working on the railways.
Why am I telling you this? Well, a few years ago, I discovered the wonderful, amazing world of real ales.

During this time, I’ve visited hundreds of bars and taprooms across the country, several breweries, made many friends and found something that I really want to be involved with. Not only learning more about it but also educate others and get more people onboard this incredible journey.

I launched OFFY Drinks Delivered LTD with the aim of making top quality craft and real ales readily available to everyone. This will be achieved by utilizing bulk buying and also offering same-day local delivery and next-day nationwide delivery in the UK. One of the major scopes of OFFY is to help promote local breweries and also help save the great British pub.

To Facilitate this in 2021, we decided to launch our very own cryptocurrency (OFFY token) on the Binance Smart Chain network, This Was to serve two purposes first of all as a means to generate the capital to launch the endeavour, and second of all to bring the amazing worlds of beer and crypto together!

Two tokens one vision:

Offy: Our Flagship low supply investment token.

In the last two years we have had two variants of the Offy token the first was just a simple basic BEP 20 token with a very low supply and a very clear aim: a high token price and rewards for holding it facilitated at the time by our farming partners.

The second variant was very much a step up with the move to smart defi, Offy SD was a low supply BEP 20 token fantastic features such as asset backing which guaranteed a minimum value of the investment made and this ‘Floor Price’ could only go up with every trade, holders were also now rewarded in Reflections and a burn mechanism burning some of the supply with every trade also helping to ensure the tokens value

Unfortunately in May 2022 the Fegex exchange where our token was listed was subject to an exploit effecting many projects involving the extraction of liquidity via the smart loans feature.

While everyone is disappointed that it has taken such a long time to resolve we are safe in the knowledge that the liquidity and everyone’s investment is safe, and that Feg have been using the time to develop test and audit an even better and safer version of the contract which Offy will relaunch on in Q2 2023 with the liquidity of the previous token as voted for by our holders on

The latest Version Offy 2.0 will feature a faster burn rate higher liquidity tax and staking functions provided by FEG along with the asset backing and smart loans feature than made Offy SD such an asset to hold! There will be regular blockchain based loyalty programs for rewarding our customers and OFFY token holders. Below are some of the benefits of holding OFFY token.

Pint: our highly flexible rewards and utility token

Launched on the 4th of April 2023, Pint is a High supply robust token with a very clear goal to support Offy and act as a reward for its holders but also have the ability to stand on its own feet and be flexible enough to be utilised for many aspects of the business: from being the lifeblood of our in store crypto based rewards and payment system to the token used on our upcoming online games such as pub slots and bingo!

Pint is set up to grow and reward its own holders with 1% of each transaction going to holders in the form of reflections, 3% goes into liquidity making the token more sustainable with every trade, and 0.9% towards the project and growth fund helping us to maintain and grow both the crypto and beer aspects of the business.

At the time of writing this update 16.34% of the total supply of pint has been sent to the burn wallet a wallet that also receives part of the reflections tax ensuring that the supply is always decreasing which helps to increase the tokens value.


  1. Pint’s for OFFY token holders
    OFFY holders are able to use our claim tool once a week and get free Pint tokens as a thank you for holding Offy
  2. .+ Update Jan 2024 Rewards for offy holders will now be managed by our trusted partners Feg in the form of staking rewards this is an external service managed by them. [Here]
  3. UK holders Benefit
    In addition to the Claim Tool, holders in UK that holds 20 or more OFFY tokens will be rewarded with a 10% lifetime discount on our craft ale website and in physical locations.
  4. +Update Jan 2024 please note due to FCA regulation we are no longer legally able to provide incentives for purchasing our token for new holders, Any purchases made prior to the FCA New rules (October 2023) will still be eligible for this reward.
  5. Potential token growth
    As you may already know, OFFY 2.0 Will launch with a low total supply of just 650,000 and a lesser circulating amount. With OFFY’s low supply, there is a huge potential for attractive growth, Potentially leading to good returns for early investors.
  6. [Read about potential associated risks here]

OFFY 2.0 token contract address is TBC, click here to view on BscScan.

Project Aims

  • Make craft and real ales easily and quickly accessible for purchase from us by utilizing bulk buying and offering same-day local delivery and next-day nationwide delivery in the UK.
  • Utilizing social media for exposure and creating local events to introduce people to the world of craft ales
  • Help promote local breweries.
  • Host events to bring local businesses together in a relaxed setting
  • Provide beer and wine making kits to inspire people to create something special by themselves
  • Create a utility token on the Binance smart chain to complement our existing low supply ‘OFFY’ token be used as a reward for shopping with us
+Completed 01.04.23 with the launch of $PINT
  • Create a Tool to reward our investors in our original funding token ‘OFFY’ that will pay out rewards in the second token which will be tradable or can be used as payment on our webstore and in our taprooms
Completed Claim tool for Offy holders to Claim $Pint Launched 01.04.23. +To be replaced by Feg Hosted SD Staking platform Jan 2024.

+Jan 2024 additional Goals

• Begin framework document for submission of the following application forms:
• FCA registration as a Crypto Asset Service provider (For Dapps such as swap, wallet and lottery and permit an in house on ramp option for fiat transactions)
• Gambling commission registration to enable the promotion of our lottery to a UK audience.
• Create a social platform to talk about beer!
• Create an information point with access to clear guides on how to use platforms such as Metamask, Feg and Pancakeswap.
• Publish Supplier Engagement policy and application form to comply with FCA regulations and to help ensure a safe environment for our customers and investors.

Products and Services

Phase One (to be initiated once we hit our initial target)

  • Bottle shop offering a range of ales wines and spirits as well as related merchandise and accessories as well as click and collect for online orders
  • Online bottle shop with exclusive offers such as group discount, every week we will select certain pre-sale products the more people who pledge to buy the less you pay!
  • Creation of Second high supply reward token to supplement OFFY which will be used; $Pint launched 01.04.23
  1. To reward our initial Offy holders in the form of an airdrop (cut off date to be decided will be advertised when known)
  2. As a pay out to our Offy holders by way of claim tool as incentive to hold long term $Pint claims tool launched 01.04.23
  3. As a reward for a Referral scheme for the craft ale business
  4. Cashback for sales on our webstore and physical locations

In addition to being tradable on Pancakeswap, the second token can also be spent on our website and offline stores and used for promotional offers. We will fully integrate the new token into our website and epos system, hereby maintaining our pledge of keeping crypto at the core of the business.

Jan 2024 Update: To facilitate the promotion of our rewards programs and Dapps within the Uk we will register with the UK’s FCA prior to launch.
  • Introduction of monthly subscription boxes to choose from, this includes but not limited to the following;
  • Ale
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Our random brewery merch box
  • Same-day local express delivery when you run out of stock using the best local courier network.
  • Next-day nationwide delivery

Phase Two

  • Tap room highlighting the best that UK breweries have to offer with the ability to host events.
  • Pop-up taps for events and shows
  • Special learning events such as how to brew and group brewery coach tours
  • Opening of more branches in various locations

Phase Three

Franchise program enabling individuals and businesses to use the OFFY brand and epos ecosystem to run their own locations with the power of OFFY behind them, OFFY will be the sole payment method available for these franchises